Baie de Saint-Raphael

Bay of Saint-Raphaël

Lion de mer, Lion de terre…





Ile d'or et Dramont

L’île d’or and le Cap Dramont

Les Pyramides, le Sec des Suisses, La Roche percée, La Vitrine, La Roche à mérous…





Antheor et Cap Roux

Anthéor and Cap Roux

Les Péniches d’Anthéor, La Chrétienne…





Issambres, Ste Maxime et St Tropez

Gulf of Saint-Tropez

Les Sardinaux (Sainte-Maxime), La Pyramide and l’Arche de Saint-Tropez, the wreck of the Rubis…




Bay of Saint-Raphaël


Le lion de mer

lion de mer

​Offering sand bottoms from 3 down to 52m, large areas of posidonia and walls exceeding 40m, a various and plenteous fauna and flora, it is the ideal site from beginner to most experienced divers.
Here is where you will make your first dive and it will take more than one to discover all the secrets of the site…


Le lion de terre

lion de terre

Several immersed and scattered rocks from 10 to 45m, rich in gorgones and crayfish. For autonomous divers, orientation can be tricky, so please exercise caution.


Le BYMS 22

le Byms 22

Sister ship from the famous Calypso, this former mine sweeper is sunk at 40m. There are still some remnants from a part of the hull (entirely in wood) and the whole metal structure is almost intact.
A ghostly wreck as long as you are gentle while finning…


L’île d’or and le Cap Dramont


Les Pyramides

les pyramides

Series of rocks outcropping the surface down to 40m, rich and various murray eels, congers, schools of pomfrets and a few groupers.


Les Roches Rouges

les roches rouges

Several stones between 40 and 45m, very little visited, the ideal shelter for a few groupers.


La Roche à Mérous

roche à mérous

A large rock from 30 down to 40m, very rich in both fauna and flora. Two smaller rocks in the vicinity, from 42 to 50m.


La Roche Percée

roche percée

Big stone 8m below the surface, the base being around 20, with a large opening in the center accessible for divers.


​Le fer à cheval

fer à cheval

​​Several rocks between 30 and 42m, very nice dive site rich in gorgones and various fish species. Possibility to rejoin the “Roche percée”.


Le sec des Suisses (les Cigales)

sec des suisses

​Enfilade of three rocks down to just over 40m. Great concentration of various shellfish: crayfish, lobsters and cicada.


Les Serpents

les serpents

Little rock 42 to 52m , possible to rejoin the “Cigales”.


Le Village

le village

Reconstitution of a small provencal village under a natural voult and laying at 20m. It is in fact the left-overs of a natural undersea decor used for a cartoon in the fifties.


La Pierre à Syca

la pierre à Syca

Beautiful rock in the shape of a large been, coated by a thick gorgone layer and guarded by several groupers. FFESSM level 2 divers or equivalent minimum required.


La Vitrine

la Vitrine

Butterfly shaped rock from 25 down to 40m laying on a sand bottom. Two other rocks in the vicinity, depth between 30 and 42m. Level 2 required.


Le Haricot

le Haricot

Rock in the shape of a been, level 3 divers minimum. Starts at 43 down to 51m.


Le Cap d’Anthéor and le Cap Roux



La Chrétienne

la Chrétienne

Craddle of submarine archeologie ,this marker signals a reef where more than one vessel shipwrecked in the past. And, who knows, all treasures might not have been discovered yet…

Les Péniches d’Anthéor

les péniches anthéor

Supply ship in bombshell for the german coastal artillery during WW2 and sunk at the end of it, sheltering numerous large murray eels and congers.


La réserve naturelle du Cap Roux

Cap roux

The ban on fishing and spearfishing has made it possible to repopulate the diving sites of Cap Roux. From rocks to Posidonia meadows through sandbanks, you will see : scorpionfishs, mostelles, corbs, groupers, barracudas, dentis …

Les Issambres, Sainte-Maxime, Saint-Tropez and le Rubis


La Pyramide et ses roches

Pyramide de Saint Tropez

Beautifull pyramid,not much visited,Depth 30 down to 42m.
Several scattered rocks in yhe vicinity from 42 to 60m.
Gorgonocephalidae, magnificent gorgones, schools of anthias and numerous groupers.


La Sèche à Huile (les Issambres)

sèche à huile les issambres

Multi-level dive from 12m and walls down to 40 or even more.


Le Rocher de la Garde (les Issambres)

le rocher de la Garde


Les Sardinaux de Sainte-Maxime

les sardinaux

Multi-level dive from 12m and walls down to 40 or even more.


L’Arche de la Rabiou (Saint-Tropez)

Arche de la rabiou


Les Cathédrales de Saint-Tropez

les cathédrales de Saint Tropez


Le Relax (Saint-Tropez)

le relax

A 27m long and 5m high wreck laying at 35m, sunk in the eighties, FFESSM level 2 or equivalent minimum required.


L’Epave du Rubis (Cap Camarat)

le rubis

One of the masterpieces of the Mediterranean, the Rubis was a french navy submarine who also served in the “Forces Navales Françaises Libres” during WW2. Because of the important role it played during that period, General de Gaulle named it « Compagnion de l’Ordre de la Liberation » in 1941. The Rubis was disarmed on 04/10/1949 and volontarely sunk on 31/10/1958 to escape from the blowtorches, which would not have been decent end. The wreck lays on sand at maximum 40m.